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  1. 8/05/2017

    Hashtag: The Secret to Maximising Each Event

    IMEX 2017 speaker Mordecai Holtz shares five easy steps to gaining the most traction from an event hashtag.

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  2. 5/05/2017

    The invisible cost of security

    In this blog post we interview Pete Murphy, co-founder of Priavo Security, about event security is a sobering task. Pete is perfectly placed to address this sensitive but business-critical subject. He has over 20 years’ experience across the government and private security sectors plus a commendable service within UK Special Forces.

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  3. 3/05/2017

    The Top Five Factors for a Successful Change Journey

    Change, creating new habits and staying on track, doesn’t come easy to us but there are ways to make change easier. These methods can substantially increase the odds of reaching our goals. In this blog post guest blogger Elisabeth Pine lists five steps that can be used both in a corporate setting or for activating a personal change.

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  4. 31/03/2017

    IMEX On the Road…to Granada

    The IMEX team was on the road again in March with eight staff making the journey to the wonderful Spanish city of Granada for MPI’s European Meetings and Events Conference (EMEC).

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  5. 15/03/2017

    Top productivity tips from Michael Dominguez

    James Brown was known as "the Hardest Working Man in Show Business". It may be fitting to give Michael Dominguez the title of “the hardest working man in the meetings business”.

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  6. 27/02/2017

    It’s only rock & roll…

    At trade shows, music can be heard on many stands, as background music or part of video presentations. Meeting planners may not think twice about playing a CD, connecting their iPhone or streaming from sources such as Spotify or Pandora at such events. What they may not be aware of is that playing copyrighted music in this setting may subject them to liability under copyright law.

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  7. 21/02/2017

    IMEX on the road - PCMA Convening Leaders 2017

    Ten IMEX team members made the trip to Austin for PCMA Convening Leaders 2017. In this blog post we share a little bit of what we learned.

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  8. 3/02/2017

    Associations, a market that no one can afford to ignore

    Guest blogger Michel Couturier discusses the value of associations to destinations, venues and to the meetings industry itself.

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  9. 18/01/2017

    Team work is stretching the sustainable frontier

    Collaboration is fundamental to innovation in any field, and it’s now making an impact on sustainability practices in particular. It’s also the keyword behind our new green award - IMEX-GMIC Innovation in Sustainability Award.

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  10. 3/01/2017

    2017: The dawn of ‘Purposeful Meetings and Events’?

    The future of IMEX? A change in education strategy means higher value for planners and more access to buying power for exhibitors

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  11. 20/12/2016

    A Gift list for the Holidays from a Planner to a Planner

    Whether you’re an planner looking to buy a holiday gift for another planner, or you have a planner in your life and need to find the perfect gift, here’s a list to help you start the brainstorming.

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  12. 7/12/2016

    Step out in style (and comfort)

    Shoes are always an important topic when it comes to thinking about what to pack, especially when packing for a trade show.

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  13. 28/11/2016

    Safety and security – Does failing to plan mean planning to fail?

    The need for increased safety and security was clearly an area of concern for the meetings and events industry in 2016. More than ever, meeting planners are feeling the pressure to plan and implement comprehensive initiatives that safeguard their attendees and protect the integrity of their events.

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  14. 21/11/2016

    What happened in Las Vegas

    As industry professionals from all over the world gathered for the sixth IMEX America many of them shared their experience online. We continue to be impressed by the tweets, blog posts, photos and videos shared. In this post we are sharing our favourites and celebrating those who shared their experience.

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  15. 14/10/2016

    Networking with an NLP Twist

    Conversations are the essence of building long-lasting business relationships. But how do you make those first impressions count and ensure they don’t fizzle out?

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  16. 13/10/2016

    Hack Your Way Around IMEX America

    With IMEX America just around the corner, we’ve gathered a few hacks and insider tips to make your time at the show that little bit smoother.

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  17. 11/10/2016

    Using Social Media at IMEX America

    During IMEX America there is so much to see, learn and do on the show floor, taking time to use social media can be overwhelming. We’re here to help, so we wrote this quick guide on how and when to use social media at the show.

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  18. 11/10/2016

    The What, Where and How of Las Vegas

    With IMEX America just around the corner, we wanted to make sure you were ready for 3 productive days, but also ensuring you enjoy yourself outside of the show. Below are some useful links about Las Vegas for first-timers, regular IMEX goers and anyone in between.

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  19. 6/10/2016

    The Most Important Skills to Help You Excel

    Jonathan Bradshaw, founder and CEO of The Meetology Lab, observes behavioural psychology and shares insights to help people interact more effectively. Meetology is not a word you’ll find in the dictionary but, if it was, Jonathan says its definition would be ‘The fascinating psychology powering interpersonal communication,’ the title of his keynote address at IMEX America this year.

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  20. 5/10/2016

    Disrupt You! Personal Satisfaction & Career Success

    Author, disruptor and digital media innovator, Jay Samit, has a way of empowering us, but at the same time he breaks some rather sobering news, “Whether by choice or circumstance every career gets disrupted.” Though not easy to hear, it’s not surprising. Given most of us don’t expect -- or want -- the same cradle-to-grave job or career, we are all aware we’re living in a world of warp speed innovation with traditional business models becoming history.

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  21. 3/10/2016

    Technology and Innovation at IMEX America 2016

    IMEX America 2016 is bursting with event technology and innovative event systems. This post briefly gives you an overview of what to expect on this year’s show floor. Between the event technology exhibitors, EventTech Tours and education sessions, you'll be one step ahead of the event tech game.

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  22. 28/09/2016

    Cleaning Up in Las Vegas

    With IMEX America just around the corner it’s time to start thinking “what can I do to help?” IMEX America has teamed up with Outside Las Vegas Foundation (OLVF) to hold a 2.5 hour group event on October 17, giving IMEX America attendees the chance to help clean up the walking trails, play and picnic areas.

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  23. 26/09/2016

    Business Card Networking Tips

    At IMEX industry professionals from all over the world gather to network and do business with cultures different from their own. With this comes responsibility in knowing the do’s and don’ts of business etiquette with other cultures. Failing to do so could cost you a deal or opportunity.

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  24. 19/09/2016

    #IMEXconversations with Cathy Clifton

    In the first episode of #IMEXconversations Cathy Clifton, CMM, CMP, (Sr. Director Global Meetings and Events, HEUG/Socious) tells us about the events that her team plans. She shares details on the RFP and procurement processes as well as advice for future leaders.

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  25. 29/08/2016

    The power of invention to deliver change

    World-renowned hacker Pablos Holman is one of the rare technologists who can both understand and explain new technologies and their potential.

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  26. 23/08/2016

    Four important questions about the sharing economy

    Tapping into the wider conversation about the flourishing sharing economy, we hosted a debate for sharing economy pioneers and meetings industry leaders to discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by this new reality.

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  27. 17/08/2016

    Don’t ditch the dork!

    Embrace your inner dork! That’s the message from Tami Evans, self-confessed ‘perpetual optimist’ and one of the MPI keynote speakers at IMEX America this year. Named as one of the top five new speakers by the National Speakers Association (2012), Tami will encourage delegates to ‘put perfection on pause’ in favour of personality and passion in her keynote Half full of it: activating optimism and other hard-core soft skills.

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  28. 2/08/2016

    Catching up with the winners of the #IMEXpitch

    The #IMEXpitch competition launched at IMEX America 2014 and it’s been a hit with event tech start-ups ever since. With #IMEXpitch submissions officially open for IMEX America 2016, we catch up with past winners to find out how the #IMEXpitch has impacted their success.

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  29. 5/07/2016

    Future Leader Success Stories

    Nine IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forums have taken place so far in 2016. This post summarises some of the success stories and wonderful students that we met so far.

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  30. 22/06/2016

    The Word about IMEX in Frankfurt 2016

    It’s a few weeks after IMEX in Frankfurt, the excitement of networking and learning has simmered down, and the information from the 3 days has been regurgitated in to blog posts, articles videos and slideshows. With that, we decided to compile the best information around and share it so we can all reminisce on the amazing time we had in April.

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  31. 24/05/2016

    The importance of monitoring social networks at your events

    As important as knowing the opinion of the attendants to your event, is knowing what they are telling to the Internet world about it. But it is a non-sense to encourage their participation on those social networks and not to analyze it. Here are some reasons of why it is important to analyze its activity.

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  32. 11/05/2016

    The #IMEX16 Social Media Journey

    Charlotte Park shares her experience of being part of the @IMEXsocialteam at IMEX in Frankfurt.

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  33. 18/04/2016

    The Impact of Sharing Companies on Meetings & Events

    How is the sharing economy impacting the meetings and events industry, and what is driving the robust growth in demand?

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  34. 15/04/2016

    Our #IMEX16 Content Team

    This post highlights the crowdstreamers and content producers who will be at IMEX in Frankfurt 2016. We encourage you to follow and interact with them on their journeys.

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  35. 12/04/2016

    On the “tech trail” at IMEX

    Are you looking to see what is new in event technology, or exploring for the best technology solutions for your events? This post is all about guiding you to make sure you don’t miss out on what is on offer.

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  36. 8/04/2016

    The power of the individual

    In this blog post Marije emphasizes the impact of the individual to prevent potential damage to an event or venue. The focus is on what event staff can do to prevent potential damage as well as how to prepare for and respond to an incident.

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  37. 7/04/2016

    What’s play got to do with….me?

    If you’re heading to IMEX in Frankfurt with a to-do list that includes ‘find some fresh, exciting new ideas for engaging my event attendees’ then be prepared to tick that box!

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  38. 6/04/2016

    How to start living a more passionate, purposeful life: Let tiny new habits show you the way

    Have you ever met a clarity and passion expert? Do you want to? If so, your visit to IMEX in Frankfurt 2016 could be very well timed!

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  39. 5/04/2016

    There’s just one word you need to move yourself - and your performance - forward. And it sets you free – forever!

    “There’s one word – it’s a mindset really – that allows us all to take those first, crucial steps towards making important changes in our lives. That word is ‘experiment’.

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  40. 4/04/2016

    Are you a Trojan horse thinker?

    Mental agility is core to the skill of thinking strategically. Studies show that, even more than the ability to influence and innovate, this is the most highly prized attribute you need to progress and succeed in business today. If you want to lead effectively, be it a team, a whole company or an association, it’s essential that you hone your mental agility.

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  41. 31/03/2016

    Six trends to keep an eye on

    In this blog, IMEX Group CEO, Carina Bauer, dives into six of the wider global trends currently affecting – or likely to shape the future of - the meetings and events industry.

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  42. 16/03/2016

    You are the Star of the Show

    It’s almost that time of year again, the time when the great and the good of the meeting and events industry descend on Frankfurt to be inspired, to learn and to debate; to negotiate, sell and to buy; to argue, share, socialise, have fun and, ultimately, do business.

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  43. 15/02/2016


    80 days around the world or 80 days until #IMEX16. We've created a fun game to celebrate. Take a look.

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  44. 4/02/2016

    Five top trends that venue sales and marketing professionals should understand

    Every day, around the world, a multitude of new venues open their doors to meeting planners and conference organisers. Cities and resorts worldwide are spending vast sums of money constructing purpose-built conference centres or renovating existing facilities. The global hotel industry, recognising the importance to its profitability of hosting and servicing meetings, is also expanding its offer in this area; and an increasing number of residential conference centres are available at universities and colleges. There is also a rapidly increasing number of ‘unusual venues’ being promoted as places where meetings may be held. These are venues based in establishments such as cultural venues (museums, cinemas, theatres …), sports venues (football stadia, racecourses, cricket grounds …) and tourist attractions such as historic monuments, castles, zoos and aquaria, and theme parks.

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  45. 26/01/2016

    Digital Organization Strategies for Sanity’s Sake

    You don’t want to fall behind and seem irrelevant but you also don’t want to give up even more of your time (and more importantly sanity) to technologies that are supposed to make our lives better.

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  46. 18/01/2016

    Career journeys starting in 2016

    We have great plans ahead for the IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forums taking place all over the world in 2016. This will be the 14th year that we will be running this unique and very rewarding initiative. There are a total of twelve IMEX-MPI-MCI Future Leaders Forum events taking place at twelve important global industry events. In total we expect to support over 600 final-year university and college students currently enrolled in Meetings Industry related courses in taking the next step on their career journey.

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  47. 14/01/2016

    4 great reasons to apply for an IMEX–GMIC Green Award

    The IMEX-GMIC Green awards for sustainability are the most sophisticated and widely respected awards our industry has to offer and the good news is that there are a lot of benefits for the winners. Here are the top 4 reasons to apply for the IMEX – GMIC Green Awards.

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  48. 6/01/2016

    The story of the IMEX Academy Awards

    As plans were put in place for the structure of the new show in Frankfurt one of the key areas we looked at was the planned Gala Dinner...allocated to the middle evening of the show. We wanted this to be a fun occasion, of high quality, in a way thanking all the show participants for their hard work.

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  49. 14/12/2015

    5 Best Practices in Destination Marketing to Consider for 2016

    As competition among Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) becomes stronger and smarter, suppliers are experimenting with innovative marketing tactics to reach meeting planners and association executives. Sometimes the most innovative techniques involve making a radical change to a basic service or sales strategy that the organization has been doing since the beginning of time. To uncover which marketing practices are the best from the perspective of our industry’s clients – the meeting planners and decision makers - Development Counsellors International (DCI) recently launched the second edition of A View from Meeting Planners, Winning Strategies in Destination Marketing, expanding upon the 2012 survey for a closer look at planner perceptions today. The results of the survey give a direct look into what influences the planner’s path to purchase and destination selection.

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  50. 8/12/2015

    Brainy Brain Day

    How the IMEX team works together to deliver inspiration for each show

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