How You Can Help

Here’s how you can contribute to IMEX America green goals:   

  • Recycle your USB sticks by dropping (pre-cleaned) sticks in the recycle bins at the Information Desk outside the show floor.
  • Participate in the “badge back” program to support local charities in the Las Vegas area. More about our Legacy Programs
  • Consider carbon-offsetting your travel to Las Vegas.
  • Use the recycling bins.
  • Exhibitors: use the Sustainable Exhibiting Guides below for tips on how to exhibit in a sustainable way.
  • Exhibitors: donate left over supplies and promotional giveaways in the Donation Bins throughout the show, located at the sides of the hall.
  • Exhibitors: if you are using a “standard booth package” provided by GES, the booth already has the following sustainable attributes: recyclable wastebaskets and biodegradable liners; plastic carpet cover made from 50% to 100% recycled content; carpet has a minimum 25% post industrial recycled content that is 100% recyclable; utilizes solvent-free paints and water-based biodegradable products.
  • Exhibitors: opt for sustainable catering for your booth.

Download the Sustainability Guides:

Donate leftover materials Sustainable travel Sustainable logistics Recycling at the show