The Executive Meeting Forum

Limited to Top-Level Corporate Executives

EMF logo.jpgMonday, October 17
A day before IMEX America 2016

This invitation-only program is “an event within an event” that combines an outstanding education program with opportunities to participate in informal, closed networking and discussion.


The purpose of the Executive Meeting Forum is to explore and challenge industry norms and current ways of doing business. It also showcases actual examples of best-in-class corporate meetings and events practices and innovations.

This forum is designed for high-level corporate executives who manage meetings and events programs or departments. Facilitated and led by recognized industry experts, it is an unparalleled event for top executives to share their expertise and knowledge with each other for the benefit of their organizations.


Participation in Executive Meetings Forum is by invitation only. Candidates will be executive level heads of corporate meeting programs that fit the following profile:

  • 10 + years’ experience in management
  • Current employment leading a corporate planning group and/or responsibility for procurement oversight of the meetings area
  • Active management or fiscal oversight of staff and/or agencies engaged in meeting/event planning and/or production
  • Senior representation of meetings and events within the corporation
  • Development and/or implementation – to some degree – of a strategic meeting management program
  • Interest in and ability to discuss the future of the meetings and the meetings industry


Monday, October 17

8.00am–5.00pm  Executive Meeting Forum Caesars Palace Roman II & IV 

5.00pm–6.00pm  Exclusive Reception with the most senior executives from select major industry suppliers



Recognized as a pioneering initiative, this program engages participants in provocative, forward-thinking discussions. These sessions produce actionable strategies that will have a significant influence on participants’ organizations and produce a positive ripple effect across the entire meetings industry. The ultimate objectives are to develop, implement and measure successful meetings and meetings programs, discuss optimal paths for the long-term future of the industry and keep a strong focus on short-term needs and pressures of managing in today’s environment.

Forum discussions will be determined primarily by the participants, but based on previous years, topics and significant themes could include:

  • The unprecedented ways in which the value and benefits of meetings and events are now being held to account
  • Creating deeper attendee engagement
  • Capturing ROI and its power to build stakeholder support
  • Gaining insight into  industry best practices around agency, hotel and vendor management, internal key metrics and SLA’s
  • How meetings and events are impacted by new economic, political and financial realities
  • Benchmarking the level of the participants’ corporate meetings program against others has been a hallmark of the EMF, and will continue this year, with an updated benchmarking survey and report.

The primary elements of EMF are the in-person working sessions taking place in conjunction with IMEX America. As preparation, there will be some pre-meeting information sent to participants, along with some questions to be considered and later discussed at the meeting. 

IMEX Group

The value and benefits of meetings and events are now being held to account in unprecedented ways. The IMEX Group is committed to industry advancement, and is proud to support key individuals who are shaping their organizations direction in meetings and events under new economic, political and financial realities.

Facilitators & Contacts

The program is being designed and led by recognized industry experts Terri Breining and Kimberly Meyer in conjunction with senior executives and academic support.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Donna Fung or the facilitators:

Kimberly Meyer  


Terri Breining


Executive Meeting Forum sponsors

IMEX America 2017 Executive Meeting Forum Monday breakfast
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