How to Qualify and Apply

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    Buyers are invited to attend IMEX America by their intermediaries. Each intermediary sends their clients a specific application link to fill in. Buyers fill in an online form that asks them for the below info – our team use this information to ensure that each buyer that we host has genuine business for a variety of our exhibitors – either by showing us business that they have placed in the past and/or showing us details of events that they are planning to discuss with exhibitors at the show:

    • IMEX America requires full details of 3 events you have organized – 2 of which must be past events occurring within the last 18 months (last 3 years for association buyers). The 3rd can be a confirmed upcoming event which will occur in the next 12 months (or the next 3 years for association buyers), or another past event. Each event must be a minimum of 10 pax.

      • Buyers from within the USA must list at least 2 events which have occurred outside of the U.S.

      • Buyers from outside the USA must list at least 1 event which occurred within the US and the other 2 events must have occurred outside of your home country

    IMEX America checks with the venues to verify the details provided (hence the timescale of the events requested). Please ensure this information is accurate and include any additional information to minimize delays in your application approval.

    • In the online form we also ask for information on the following:
      • Passport and visa information
      • Transport and accommodations preferences
      • Basic demographic information – i.e. types of event you organize, annual budget, number of events per year….that type of thing

    First our intermediaries check the application form and then they send it on to IMEX America. Sometimes it might be necessary for us to ask further questions of buyers. Please bear with us – we are just trying to ensure that each and every buyer we host is absolutely a right match for our exhibitors.

    See more about who buyers are here.

    If you can’t accept an invite from our intermediaries, or haven’t received one by July 29, 2016:

    • Agency and Corporate Buyers
      Please contact Jack Pausey. Note that the application opens on June 6, 2016.
    • Association Buyers
      Please contact Sarah Arnold. Note that the application opens on June 6, 2016.