How to Bring a Hosted Buyer Group

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    Once confirmed as an intermediary (an exhibitor with your own corporate stand) – IMEX America is here to support you before and during the show.

    As an intermediary, you may invite your key clients to attend IMEX America as a part of our Hosted Buyer Program. As part of hosting your group, you’ll help to qualify them and then travel to Las Vegas together. At the trade show, it’ll be your responsibility to ensure buyers attend any pre-arranged group appointments you’ve identified, plus arrange evening and networking events for your group.

    Before IMEX America

    • You send out your personalized registration link to your key clients, inviting them to apply to join your group and any additional activities that you may have organized for them.
    • Prospective hosted buyers complete the online application, supplying details of international and domestic events they have organized, including location, venue, dates and numbers of people attending.
    • The completed application is checked by you, as the intermediary, to ensure all the information is complete prior to being checked by the IMEX America hosted buyer team. IMEX America may request additional information to support the application from you, and may contact venues provided for verification.
    • Once qualified, hosted buyers receive a confirmation email welcoming them to the Hosted Buyer Program. Applicants who do not qualify for the program are welcome to attend IMEX America as a buyer attendee. (See benefits for buyer attendees here)
    • The IMEX America Hosted Buyer Team books flights and hotel accommodation for your client(s), coordinating schedules with you. Hosted buyers can view these reservations online in the Hosted Buyer Zone. Most hosted buyers are issued e-tickets. For buyers who opt to book their own travel, they are requested to book within the guidelines outlined in Travel Reimbursements. 
    • Four weeks prior to IMEX America, hosted buyers can access the Online Schedule and messaging service to make appointments with exhibitors of their choice and to send RFPs and messages.
    • Approximately two weeks before IMEX America, hosted buyers receive their entry badge and Show Briefing. 

    At IMEX America

    Hosted buyers enjoy VIP benefits and many privileges at the trade show. These include:

    • Use of the Hosted Buyer Lounge and complimentary WiFi, plus exclusive registration facilities and a dedicated onsite IMEX America support team.
    • Access to Smart Monday and almost 100 no-cost education sessions during the trade show.
    • Invitations to mix and mingle at professional gatherings, booth events and parties.
    • Complimentary shuttle transportation between the airport, hotels and convention center.
    • Access to the IMEX America Online Schedule, ensuring that time is maximized at the show.