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Becoming an intermediary at IMEX

Exhibitors who choose to bring groups of hosted buyers to our show are the mainstay of our hosted buyer program. We call them intermediaries.

What do intermediaries do?

As an intermediary, you’ll invite your clients to the show, check their hosted buyer applications before we do and look after them while they’re here.

You’ll make sure your group know their itinerary and their commitment to stay at the show during opening hours. You’ll nominate a group leader to look after them and be our key contact for your group. We’ll cover their flights and accommodations too.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated IMEX team member to help you do all this.

Why be an intermediary?

IMEX is where key connections and partnerships are made. Inviting your clients to the show and looking after them while they’re here is a unique experience that delivers long-term rewards and relationships.

Who can be an intermediary?

All exhibitors with booths at IMEX America are welcome to become intermediaries.

How to apply to be an intermediary?

Contact Nikki Williams.

What are the key dates for intermediaries?


  • log in to our website and access invites and marketing material

June to September

  • invite your buyers and check their applications


  • select the exhibitors you’d like your buyers to have group appointments with


  • check the group appointments we’ve made


  • check your buyers have completed the refund application if they’ve booked their own travel
  • check your buyers’ appointment making progress on this website


  • show time!