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How appointments work at IMEX

Easy to use, our online appointment system saves you valuable time, helps you see who you need to, and connects you with our exhibitors pre-show.

What is an appointment?

A 30-minute meeting with an exhibitor booked by you, the buyer.

We also make appointments for groups of buyers to attend exhibitor presentations—and some exhibitors offer presentations at certain times that you can book in to. See these as your opportunity to explore new ideas and destinations.

70,000 appointments were made at IMEX America 2017—they are the core of our show.

How many appointments do I commit to as a hosted buyer?

We recommend you make eight appointments per day

How are appointments made and who can make them?

All buyers can make appointments, hosted or not.

Around four weeks before the show—and once you’ve received your welcome email—you’ll be able to log in, search our exhibitor directory and make appointments directly. Join one of our recorded webinars for a walk through the system before you start.

How do I send an appointment request?

Log in, search our exhibitor directory and hit the make appointment button which sends your request directly to the exhibitor.

What happens once an appointment is accepted?

You’ll be able to connect with the exhibitor, and complete an appointment profile with the option to add an RFP. This means the exhibitor can prepare for your meeting ahead of the show.

Will I get a lot of emails/marketing messages from exhibitors?

No, our exhibitors can only contact you via our online appointment system—and are limited in the number of messages they can send you. All messages will go into your inbox on this website (not your email inbox).