Travel Refund Terms and Conditions

If you choose to book your flight to IMEX America, we will refund the cost of your flight to the exhibition up to an agreed amount – please see the flight refund table. When booking your flight, please follow the terms and conditions outlined below.

Timing Restrictions

Travel Dates

  • Please arrange your travel according to your hosted buyer program dates (you can check in your hosted buyer portal or contact your intermediary if you are unsure about your program dates)
  • If your travel that falls outside your hosted buyer program dates, you will be responsible for additional hotel accommodations, unless previously agreed by your IMEX America hosted buyer account manager
  • If you cannot travel within the timings outlined above, please contact your IMEX America hosted buyer account manager

Travel Times

Please note that your travel should be booked to ensure that you are able to attend full trade show days, e.g.

  • for a Monday – Wednesday program you are at IMEX America all day Tuesday and Wednesday or
  • for a Tuesday – Thursday program you are at IMEX America all day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

For arrivals on or before Monday October 9, you are able to choose your arrival time. If you are planning to attend Smart Monday educational sessions, powered by MPI, please view the events schedule.

If you are attending IMEX America Association Focus, Monday October 9, you need to arrive approximately by 11.00am.

For arrivals on Tuesday October 10 or Wednesday October 11: please ensure arrival is by 10am at the latest.

For departures on Tuesday October 10 or Wednesday October 11: please ensure departure is after 5.30pm.

For departures on Thursday October 12 please ensure departure is after 4.30pm.


If flights cannot be found which meet the guidelines above, please contact the IMEX America hosted buyer team with alternative options for authorization before booking your flight. IMEX America only needs to pre-authorize flights which do not meet the terms and conditions outlined above.

Flight Prices and Reimbursement

  • IMEX America will reimburse the cost of a flight to and from Las Vegas but not the cost of any side trips or layovers
  • IMEX America advises booking your flights as early as possible to ensure that they fall within the refund banding limits
  • IMEX America will reimburse whichever is the lower – either the actual flight cost (including taxes) or the maximum shown for the relevant banding on the IMEX America flight refund table
  • If you can only secure flights above the banding limit please contact IMEX America Hosted Buyer Team for authorization before booking your flights
  • If you cannot find your preferred departure airport within the flight refund table, please contact the IMEX America Hosted Buyer Team to agree the reimbursement amount before booking your flight
  • Baggage costs and early check-in fees: IMEX America will refund baggage costs for a maximum of one bag per person and early check in fees, only if they are claimed at the same time as the flight cost and the total cost is within the banding limit. This does not need to be shown on your invoice when you submit your refund however you will need to bring proof of this cost when you come to the refund desk
  • IMEX America will reimburse additional costs such as class upgrades, seat upgrades or extra leg room only if they are claimed at the same time as the flight cost and the total cost is within the banding limit
  • Flight credits: If you wish to use a credit from a previous unused flight, please ensure you provide us with proof of payment of the original flight
  • Travel agency fees: IMEX America will not be responsible for any travel agency fees
  • Credit card fees: IMEX America will cover the cost of credit card fees providing the total cost is still within the banding limit
  • Frequent Flyer Miles: Flights maybe booked using loyalty card points, frequent flyer or Airmiles (or equivalent). IMEX America will only refund the amount of the taxes and other related charges (class upgrades, extra leg room but not agency fees) which have been paid for in cash and for which the monetary value is shown on the airline invoice


Driving to Las Vegas Reimbursement

For hosted buyers choosing to travel by car from outside a 3-hour driving time radius, IMEX America will provide an allowance of up to a maximum of $150.00 toward costs (including but not limited to fuel, vehicle rental, parking and insurance).

Buyers must complete the online refund form, this must be authorized by IMEX America before you travel. In order to obtain their refund buyers will need to come to the Hosted Buyer Refund Desk at the trade show and provide satisfactory evidence of travel costs, i.e. fuel receipt, parking fees, vehicle hire costs. In addition, to comply with international tax and banking laws you must provide original photo ID (passport, driving licence or ID card). Please note that we do not accept copies of photo ID.

Any vehicle rental agreement must be entered into by the hosted buyer in their own name (and not in the name of IMEX America), and will be the sole responsibility of the hosted buyer. The hosted buyer acknowledges that IMEX America will have no liability or other responsibility in connection with any hosted buyer vehicle travel allowance and agrees to indemnify IMEX America against any judgments, fines, claims or other losses directly or indirectly arising out of or in connection with this. You will need to complete an IMEX America Travel Authorization Form which will be sent to you when your application and travel requirements have been approved. Hosted buyers who select to drive to IMEX America will be responsible for their own vehicle insurance (for themselves and any additional passengers).



Flight Changes and Cancellations

  • Any flight changes you make must still adhere to the IMEX America Terms and Conditions
  • IMEX America will only reimburse the actual flight which has been used to attend IMEX America in Las Vegas. However, if you have to change your flight for personal reasons (such as an upgrade or to attend meetings outside of IMEX America), and the cost is more, IMEX America will only pay for the cost of the original flight and will not pay any associated fees for changing or cancelling your flight
  • PLEASE NOTE: Should you not adhere to the Travel Refund Terms & Conditions and you are requested by IMEX America to amend your flights, IMEX America will not be responsible for any amendment fees incurred by your airline

Last Minute Cancellations, Delays, Missed Flights

If your flight is delayed, cancelled or you miss your flight for any reason, please take the next available flight to Las Vegas. Please contact your Intermediary as soon as possible, or the IMEX America Hosted Buyer Team. IMEX America will not be responsible for any additional costs incurred.


Other Terms

  • Travel Insurance: All hosted buyers are responsible for their own travel insurance. Insurance costs will not be refunded by IMEX America. Click here to see further information
  • Currency: Refunds are made in either USD $, GBP £ or EUR €. Flights booked in other currencies will be calculated using the prevailing rates at the time of authorizing your refund
  • Bank Charges: IMEX America will cover bank transfer charges and check charges from its own account. You may be charged by your own bank or an intermediary bank for receiving the transfer or check. IMEX America will not cover these bank charges. If you provide invalid bank details and the bank transfer or check is rejected, or you lose your check, you will be responsible for your own charges and any additional charges incurred by IMEX America
  • Proof of Identity: To comply with international tax and banking laws you must come to the Hosted Buyer refund desk at the exhibition and provide original photo ID (passport, driving licence or National ID card). Please note that we do not accept copies of your photo ID
  • Cancellations: IMEX America cannot refund flight costs for buyers who cancel their participation